The ActiveBase ergonomic seat office stool rehabilitates your posture and relieves back pain with its seat.

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Dynamic stool :
Discover the concept

The ActiveBase ergonomic stool is equipped with a double adjustable mobility system: one is located under the seat and the other is located at the base of the stool.

Thanks to this double mobility, you can choose to work only the pelvis or the lower limbs. Or both, depending on your preferences.

This dual functionality is adjustable, making the ActiveBase suitable for all possible body sizes.

Effective from the first use

By instantly repositioning the spine, the ActiveBase desk stool acts directly to improve blood circulation. While naturally correcting the posture.

The ActiveBase ergonomic stool actively supports the abdominal muscles in the sitting position by stimulating the deep muscles via the seat angle. A great way to stay active while sitting.

A perfect tool for good teleworking

Even occasional use of this ergonomic stool prevents MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and helps to avoid the static effect of the sitting posture which causes more than 90% of back pain.


Ergonomic seat recommended by health professionals

ActiveBase is a French brand, winner of the Lépine competition in 2017. Co-founded by Guilbaut Colas from Grenoble (former ski champion), the brand has been adopted by more than 1000 health and sports professionals.


How can an armless, backless chair improve the ergonomics of your sitting posture? It’s all about the angle of the seat… Both comfortable and ergonomic, the seat of the ActiveBase seat is adjusted to a precise angle, that of 15°. It is this adjustment that allows it to improve the sitting posture by repositioning the spine in a natural way. Backrests and armrests, which are usually essential for ergonomic seating, become obsolete with the ActiveBase ergonomic seat. By adjusting the height of the seat to the level of your knees, you will be able to relieve your back pain instantly.

How does THIS ERGONOMIC SEAT help you regain your mobility?

How does ActiveBase help you regain your mobility?  As a true ergonomic chair, the ActiveBase has a direct effect on your back pain, but not only! The ActiveBase is also a very good ergonomic seat to exercise dynamic gainage while you work for example. Thanks to this anti-back pain chair, rediscover your lost mobility and all the possibilities that your body allows you. Recommended by over 1000 health professionals and ergonomic experts, this special back pain office chair fits perfectly into your workspace. Whether you work in a small space or want to bring it to your workplace, anything is possible with the ActiveBase. With its light weight and ease of assembly, this ergonomic chair will quickly become your best ally in the fight against RSI at work and improve your sitting posture. If you are active by nature, the ActiveBase can easily be transformed into a workout stool thanks to its muscle strengthening action on the deep muscles of the body.

How to relieve your back with the ActiveBase seat?

Looking for an efficient ergonomic seating solution for your office ? Certainly like the ergonomic office ball, you have already tested several office chairs without really finding the right one ? You have wasted your time and emptied your wallet… It’s time for you to discover the ActiveBase chair. Thanks to its mobile seat, rediscover the literal sitting posture. In between work tasks, take a few minutes to stretch and do some stretching on this back pain chair. This kind of stretching will help relieve your back during a busy work day. Lightweight and easy to carry, this ergonomic back chair is the perfect tool for those who want to take it to the office as well as home on your telecommuting days. If you still doubt its effectiveness on your back and lumbar pain, do not hesitate to try it by ordering the ActiveBase ergonomic office stool on our online store. You have 14 days to send us back this seat for the back if it does not suit you.