the ActiveBase

The proprioceptive chair, cure against back pain or low-back pain. The ActiveBase seat is a dynamic seat that re-educates your posture and relieves your back pain.

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Posture educator seat : discover the principle.

The ActiveBase is an ergonomic and design seat equipped with a double adjustable mobility system, the first one located under the seat allows a mobility of the pelvis (abdominal, lumbar chain, cervical rachis…). The second, located at the base of the ActiveBase proprioceptive seat, allows mobility of the lower limbs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, buttocks, etc.) and improves blood circulation.
Even occasional use of this ergonomic stool prevents MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and helps to avoid the static effect of the sitting posture which causes more than 90% of back pain.

The ActiveBase seat

The design of the ActiveBase ergonomic seat allows you to instantly reposition your spine while engaging the deep muscles (including abdominal and back muscles) as well as the ligaments that provide support and function.

No more back pain, our chair is the new generation solution to re-educate your posture and build up your muscles without you noticing !

What is proprioception?
Or how to muscle without thinking about it…

The proprioception refers to the perception, conscious or not, of the position of the different parts of the body. The body is naturally able to correct its positions thanks to its stability control reflexes. Our proprioceptive system constantly intervenes to maintain our balance as soon as we are in an unstable position.

This is why regular use of the ActiveBase proprioceptive seat is excellent training for improving our adjustment reflexes and thus developing our sense of balance. Sharp proprioception significantly reduces the risk of injury for individual athletes and professionals!

Seat recommended by healthcare professionals

The ActiveBase ergonomic stool is recognized by medical professionals who use it in their own practices: masseurs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other medical practitioners. The ActiveBase proprioceptive seat concept won the 2014 Lépine competition for the best inventions in their category.

French Society of Medicine, Exercise and Sport – Silver Medal and 2nd Design Mention by the Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation

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