The proprioceptive chair,
the cure for back pain or low back pain.

Posture Educator Stool: The Principle

ACTIVEBASE is an ergonomic and design seat equipped with a dual adjustable mobility system, the first located under the seat allows mobility of the pelvis (abdominals, lumbar chain, cervical spine…). The second one at the base of the ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat allows mobility of the lower limbs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, buttocks…) and improves blood circulation. The use, even punctual, of the ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat prevents MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and helps to avoid the static effect of sitting posture that causes more than 90 back pains (back pain, cervicalgia, herniated disc…).

An ergonomic chair against back pain: ACTIVEBASE, for health professionals and individuals.

The ACTIVEBASE headquarters

A dynamic seat that re-educates your posture and relieves your back pain.

Do you have back pain or low back pain and pain, neck pain? Discover our posture educator chair.
The solution: a seat against ergonomic back pain to avoid MSDs.

The design of the ACTIVEBASE ergonomic seat allows you to instantly reposition your spine while using deep muscles (including abdominals and back muscles) without forgetting the ligaments that support and function.

No more back pain,our chair is the next generation solution to re-educate your posture and you muscle without realizing it!

ACTIVEBASE seat: What is proprioception?

Or how to muscle without thinking about it…

The proprioception refers to the perception, conscious or not, of the position of the different parts of the body.

The body is naturally able to correct its positions thanks to its stability control reflexes. Our proprioceptive system constantly intervenes to maintain our balance as soon as we are in an unstable position. This is why the regular use of the ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat is an excellent training to improve our adjustment reflexes and thus develop our sense of balance. Sharp proprioception greatly reduces the risk of injury to sports individuals, and professionals!


Quality Gage: Choose modernity with a designer and patented seat, winner of several renowned competitions.

The concept of the ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat was awarded the Lepine competition in 2014 which awarded the best inventions in their category.
French Society of Medicine, Exercise and Sport – Silver Medal and 2nd Design Mention by the Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation

Seat recommended by health professionals!

Our ACTIVEBASE chair is recognized by medical x professionals who use it in their own practices: massager, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors,and other doctors from the medical community.
Individual? Continue the rehab session from home!
Sportsman?Get more results by continuing your muscle building discreetly at the office!

Radios taken in collaboration with the radiological center of the Belledonne clinic

After a global analysis on a naked subject of physiological curvatures, we distinguish a harmonious play of the three cervical, thoracic and lumbar segments.
The X-rays taken highlight the mobility of the lumbar spine and pelvis with a lateral inflection to the right and left with work on the ACTIVEBASE (here: we released the kneecap system under the seat to create a slight upper instability).
the induced imbalance of the pelvis is controlled by the action of the stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, contributing to their strengthening.

Adopt the right posture with the ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat

The ACTIVEBASE Proprioceptive and Ergonomic Medical Headquarters gives you a good posture against back pain.

Adjusting your proprioceptive seat

1. Adjust the seat of your ACTIVEBASE seat: in a fixed position, the seat of your ACTIVEBASE seat must be just above your knees when you are standing.
2. Adjust the height of your keyboard holder so that you have a total relaxation of the trapezoidal muscles while sitting with your hands on the keyboard.

3. Sit down so that your hamstrings protrude from the seat of your ergonomic seat.

*Hamstring: Or ischium. Posterior and anterior part of the iliac bone (each of the two bones of the flanks forming the pelvis belt).
The ischion is one of three bones that are welded in adults to form the pelvis. The ischion supports the weight of the body in a sitting position and is attached to the front to the pubis, back and sideways to the ilion (iliac wings). The large orifices located in the ischion on both sides of the basin below the pubis are called ischio-pubic holes.

ActiveBase ergonomic and proprioceptive seat for back pain: lumbago, back pain, cervicalgia and disc hernias.

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The “Proprioceptive” seat: Better than ergonomics Comparison

COMPARATIVE of the ergonomic BALLON (gymball) with the ACTIVEBASE seat

The benefits of ACTIVEBASE headquarters

Comparison of the Balloon (GymBall) with ACTIVEBASE

  • Adjustable in height for a better position, usable by several people, young and old!
  • More stable seating for safety.
  • Scalable, discover our exercises with the ACTIVEBASE seat to muscle your back (thanks to its two adjustable cones)
  • Small and light.
  • Natural foot placement for better blood circulation.
  • Demountable / Transportable
  • Playful! Have fun at the office! Win without thinking about it!
  • Design and modern, wow your surroundings with this patented and competition-winning seat.

The benefits of ACTIVEBASE headquarters

Comparison of seat Sitting knees with ACTIVEBASE chair

  • Seat mobility to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles in depth.
  • Mobility from the base to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your blood circulation.
  • Evolutionary, discover our exercises with the ACTIVEBASE seat to do your muscle building at the office! (thanks to its two adjustable cones)
  • Small and light.
  • Design and modern, impress your surroundings with this patented and competition winner seat.
  • Natural placement of the feet for an effortless straight back.
  • Demountable / Transportable
  • Playful! Have fun working! Win without thinking about it!
COMPARATIVE seat ergonomic seat-knee with ACTIVEBASE chair

About ActiveBase

ACTIVEBASE, a French innovation at the service of your back. 90 of the French suffer from lumbagos, back pain, cervicalgia and many others. With our ergonomic and proprioceptive design seat, you correct your posture and relieve your pain.


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