Movement, the weapon against back pain

Activebase is a two-point seat (upper part, lower part) allowing a mobility of the upper body (abdominal, lumbar chain, cervical râchis…) and lower limbs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves…) to no longer suffer the effect Of the seated posture that causes more than 90% of the back pain.

Its design allows to instantly reposition its spine while seeking the deep muscles and ligaments that provide support and function.

The ActiveBase concept was the winner of the Concours Lépine en 2014, leading the best inventions in their category.
French Society of Medicine, exercise and Sport-silver medal and 2nd mention Design by the Agency for the promotion of industrial creation

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ActiveBase, a proprioceptive tool

The proprioception refers to the perception, conscious or not, of the position of the different parts of the body.

The body is naturally able to correct its positions thanks to its stability control reflexes. Our proprioceptive system constantly intervenes to maintain our balance as soon as we are in an unstable position. That’s why the regular use of the ActiveBase is an excellent training to improve our adjustment reflexes and thus develop our sense of balance. A sharpened proprioception greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Gradual use
and a complete range of exercises

For use as a simple sitting at home and in the office, or for a more advanced use through targeted exercises, Activebase contributes significantly to maintaining a muscular and relaxed back.

Fixed seating Posture


Increase in calorie consumption

Abdominal belt sheathing

Improving balance

Muscle Building and
Stimulation of postural chains

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