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ACTIVEBASE, the posture educator’s seat

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Mounting and controlling the ACTIVEBASE seat support ball



  • Screw the lower cone (Exhibit 9) to half the screw step (tube support piece No.7) of your ACTIVEBASE seat.
  • Screw the support ball (Exhibit 10) to the stop of Room 7 of your proprioceptive seat.
  • The assembly and control of the support ball in your ergonomic seat is complete.

Mounting and controlling the kneecap of the ACTIVEBASE seat



  • Completely free the mobility of the seat (Exhibit 1) by unscrezing the cone under the seat (Exhibit 3) of your proprioceptive seat.
  • Use the key provided with your ACTIVEBASE seat and screw the kneecap (Exhibit 2) to the top tube (Exhibit 6).
  • Check the kneecap tightening of your ergonomic seat regularly.

The ActiveBase seat

A dynamic seat that re-educates your posture and relieves your back pain.

The design of the ACTIVEBASE ergonomic seat allows you to instantly reposition your spine while using deep muscles (including abdominals and back muscles) without forgetting the ligaments that support and function.

About ActiveBase

ACTIVEBASE, a French innovation at the service of your back. 90 of the French suffer from lumbagos, back pain, cervicalgia and many others. With our ergonomic and proprioceptive design seat, you correct your posture and relieve your pain.


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