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ACTIVEBASE and stay active…

Do you work from home too? And is staying active important to you? Your posture too?
During this unprecedented period, your well-being is also important to us!
– The proprioceptive seat ActiveBase activates the muscle chains of your body and allows you to tone them as you would outdoors while practicing your favorite activities.
– It also mobilizes the muscle pumps essential for venous return.
Why are these two points essential when one is confined to the house?
– Because the less active we are the more difficult it becomes to move, in fact, this is where tissue adhesions form and prevents us from being 100% functional
– Because the less active we are the less the venous return is good. Eliminating toxins is important and a good venous return is one of the keys!
And one of the best ways to stimulate these pumps is to activate certain muscle chains!
It will adapt to all your workstations! Even after quarantine is over!
Know that the whole team remains at your disposal to answer your questions via social networks but also by email!
While waiting to meet at fairs or demonstrations take care of yourself and your loved ones!
Stay active!


– Quarantine and mental

We often talk about it, staying locked up is not ideal for the body, even less for the mind! And this unprecedented period leaves us no choice.
Did you know that lack of physical activity had an impact on our morale? If so, you must be feeling it right now for some.

In fact, being active allows you to create endorphin: “long-term happiness hormone”
Long term because his girlfriend dopamine works in “landfills”

What if we could be active while staying at home? It’s possible! With ACTIVE BASE
Working from home will never stimulate our body as much, from our postural muscles, to our micro circulation through our balance and our concentration.
Because when we feel good in our body, that no tension comes to create discomfort, we are more concentrated, more effective.
And more generally, when our nervous system does not have to worry about “Manage sores” it is more zen and more balanced!


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ActiveBase is an innovative start-up that has developed a seat concept that naturally stimulates upper and lower body muscle chains.

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