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Activebase posture corrector seat: the best medical stool.

The ACTIVEBASE chair is the result of the hard work and reflection of two friends:

Olivier HUGOU is passionate about biomechanics and Guilbaut COLAS, a top athlete, was crowned world mogul skichampion in 2011 and wonthe crystal globe at the 2011 World Cup.

In 2013, Guilbaut was injured while qualifying for the Olympic Games Sochi. Despite his disappointment, he is undergoing a rehabilitation program at the During which Olivier comes to visit him regularly. Observation rehabilitation sessions (particularly with a ball medicine while being limited in his movements…) and their discussions, is born in the spirit Olivier the idea of a seat that would allow for the functional work of members lower and upper in a sitting position to help his friend recover faster with precision work.

The first prototype of ACTIVEBASE is quickly created in Olivier’s garage and is tested in real conditions by Guilbaut who is conquered from the first test… the adventure of the ACTIVEBASE headquarters had just begun!

After improvement work on this first prototype and the filing of several patents, ACTIVEBASE is presented at the Lepine Competition, of which it will be Winner in 2014!

About ActiveBase

ACTIVEBASE, a French innovation at the service of your back. 90 of the French suffer from lumbagos, back pain, cervicalgia and many others. With our ergonomic and proprioceptive design seat, you correct your posture and relieve your pain.


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