Black base with black Seat cover


Activebase : Strengthen while you sit!
Encourages good posture so you strengthen core muscles just by sitting.
-Relieves back and neck pain
-Corrects posture
– Tones the core abdominal muscles
-Boots concentration
-Burn calories

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Thanks to its incredible modularity, ACTIVEBASE adapts to all lifestyles and working conditions. As effective in muscular strengthening, therapeutic care, as in the daily siege to fight against the sedentary.

Winner of the Lépine competition in 2014, ActiveBase is a seat that will revolutionize your sitting posture ! With a double system of adjustable kneecaps, ActiveBase offers a wide range of seats and exercises allowing natural and adapted stimulation of the upper body muscle chains (abdominals, lumbar chain, cervical spine) and lower limbs (thighs , calves, ischios ...) Its muscle sheathing action will strengthen as it is used to avoid tension, contractures, tendonitis, burning sensations of muscles and joint pain in the spine vertebral injuries caused by prolonged sitting, especially at your work station.

Whether you are at your desk, having a meal, playing music, playing video games, playing sports ActiveBase is suitable for the whole family and its effects will be felt from the first use.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 15 cm

Technical informations

The ACTIVEBASE-black Seat cover consists of a stamoïde ligth black side band by Serge Ferrari, a firm HRK 43 foam covered with a black non-slip marine leatherette.

  • Elastic 6 mm
  • Cord tensioners
  • Dimensions (L x l x H) Cardboard: 45 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm
  • Height adjustable min :48 cm / max : 65 cm
  • Weight: ActiveBase : 2 kg
  • Weight maximum : 100 Kg
  • Seat surface 36 cm x 19 cm
  • Diameter of the supports on the ground: bottom cone : 23 cm / Support ball 6 cm
  • Main material / Composition aluminum and injected plastic
  • Available colors : ACTIVEBASE: Black, White