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Tabouret ergonomique ActiveBase : une assise contre le mal de dos


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An ergonomic stool designed for office use

Adopt a posture that benefits your back and your health with the ActiveBase ergonomic desk stool. Thanks to its incredible modularity, the ActiveBase ergonomic office stool adapts to all lifestyles and working conditions. As effective in muscle strengthening, therapeutic care, as a daily seat to fight against sedentary lifestyle and back pain. ActiveBase: the ergonomic office stool that allows movement while sitting. A perfect tool for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation and physical preparation when you are in a sitting position.

Relief of lower back and neck pain.

Posture Educator Seat: Automatically corrects the axis of your spine.

Gaining the deep muscles of the back, abdominal belt and lower limbs without realizing it.

Adapted to all types of sizes.

Dynamic seating that allows you to be active while sitting.

Small and light compared to other ergonomic seats, take it everywhere!

A dynamic foundation

Recommended by more than 1,000 physical therapists and healthcare professionals, the ActiveBase dynamic stool won the Lépine competition in 2014. With its mobile seating feature, the ergonomic office stool revolutionizes your sitting posture with minimal effort! Equipped with a double adjustable mobility system, the ActiveBase offers a range of seating and beneficial exercises for a natural and adapted stimulation of the muscle chains of the upper body. More specifically, the abdominal muscles, the lumbar chain, the cervical spine, the trapezius and the lower limbs (thighs, calves, ischios, glutes…).


An ideal sitting posture

The ergonomics of the ActiveBase stool have been designed to reposition the spine for effortless upper body strength. The action of sheathing and muscular reinforcement is reinforced as it is used. A daily use can then allow you to fight against the TMS (musculoskeletal disorders), lumbago, herniated disc, back pain, neck pain, blood circulation problems, tensions, contractures, tendinitis, muscular burning sensations. As a result of prolonged sitting, many joint pains of the spine are caused, especially at your workstation. With ActiveBase, no more back pain. The ActiveBase ergonomic desk stool is used and recommended by many health and sports professionals.

Whether you are at your desk, around a meal, playing music, video games or sports, the ActiveBase proprioceptive seat is suitable for the whole family and its effects will be felt from the very first use.



  • Height adjustable min :48 cm / max : 65 cm
  • Weight: ActiveBase : 2 kg
  • Weight maximum : 100 Kg
  • Seat surface 36 cm x 19 cm
  • Diameter of the supports on the ground: bottom cone : 23 cm / Support ball 6 cm
  • Main material / Composition aluminum and injected plastic
  • Available colors: black

The ACTIVEBASE seat cover – black, is composed of a stamoid side band ligth black by Serge Ferrari, HRK 43 firm foam and covered with a black skai non-slip. Theelastic cover measures 6mm with cord tensioners.



Follow all the assembly steps of the ActiveBase in video here.


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  • What are the benefits of the ActiveBase seat?

A remedy for back pain, the ActiveBase ergonomic chair is a dynamic seat that rehabilitates your posture and relieves back pain. The benefits are felt on the health of your back but also on your mental well-being thanks to the development of comfort.

  • Is it easy to adjust the ActiveBase?

With easy and accessible mounting, the ActiveBase follows you wherever you take it, whether to the office or home. Discover here, the different steps of assembly and use of the ergonomic stool.

  • Are there other colors than black?

Currently, the ActiveBase seat is only available in black.

  • Is the ActiveBase stool suitable for children?

With a minimum height of 45 cm and a maximum height of 68 cm, the ActiveBase stool can accommodate the profiles of some children. Make sure that the seat is always placed at the user’s knee height for a better grip.

  • How to work on proprioception with the ActiveBase?

Work on your proprioception thanks to the use of the dual-mobility system, located at the seat or foot of the stool. To be used independently or simultaneously, this double function favors dynamic sitting and indirectly, proprioceptive work.

how an ergonomic stool can relieve your back ?

Whether you are prone to recurring back pain or simply want to tone up, using the ActiveBase ergonomic stool can help you achieve your daily goals. Recommended by health professionals, this ergonomic stool for back pain helps you correct your posture while developing the mobility of your upper limbs. Thanks to its seat, this ergonomic chair automatically corrects the axis of your spine.

why choose the activebase ergonomic stool?

The versatility of the ActiveBase has been proven. It is not only an ergonomic stool, it is also a very good proprioceptive seat essential for those who seek to work on their proprioception on a daily basis. You can use it at the office, at home or in your gym ! With its light weight and easy handling, the ActiveBase ergonomic stool follows you on all your business and personal trips. Benefit from a total muscular reinforcement with this functional ergonomic stool to fight against back pain. Over the hours of use, feel the benefits in record time. Among them, one notices mainly a relief of the pains based on the lumbar and cervical vertebrae.

how to find an ideal seat for teleworking?

Whether you’re telecommuting or at home, the ActiveBase telecommuting chair can be a serious ergonomic seating solution. On the one hand on the improvement of your active time thanks to its dynamic base. In terms of muscular reinforcement, we find interesting benefits on the gain of the deep muscles of the back and the abdominal belt. All in hidden work without you realizing it. In this sense, you improve your caloric expenditure while teleworking, and that’s a win-win! On the other hand, the ActiveBase ergonomic stool allows you to improve your quality of life by making your work time more active. You have the freedom to move while sitting. This is good for your body as well as your head.