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Dr Anas BOUKAS Physiotherapist Manager Lombafit


Dr. Jacques PEYRIN


We have been fighting for many years against vertebral postherpetic by increasingly sophisticated reeducations.

The ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat allows for an awakening and strengthening of the stabilizing muscles of the spine as a whole, the sitting posture becomes active.

Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation

Alexandre LOOS


As a specialist in musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), I recommend the ACTIVEBASE ergonomic seat, especially for people who have sedentary work.

This foundation is revolutionary in that it causes muscle dynamism by the fact, it causes muscle dynamism and requires an ideal posture.

Its various benefits are real assets and a perfect continuity of treatments in manual therapy.


Isabelle 60 years old


Sitting in the ACTIVEBASE proprioceptive seat, I immediately adopted the right back posture and realized that with 1/2 hours a day I would strengthen my deep muscles.

It’s easy, instinctive, accessible to everyone and extremely effective.

this is a revolutionary tool in the prevention of back pain that allows to adapt a progression to everyone regardless of age or fitness.

How did you not think of it earlier?

Never without my ACTIVEBASE seat!


Guillaume PALLARES


The health benefits of the activeBASE proprioceptive seat seem multiple, especially on the circulatory aspect, that is a major principle in Osteopathy.

Indeed, by the alignment of the chest and abdominal spheres that the ACTIVEBASE seat imposes, the ventilation is naturally optimized.

The abdomen is no longer subjected to the excessive pressure that we impose on it too often, by being sluggish on our chair, while driving… Etc

Osteopath D.O.

Dr Nicolas MANZINI


The concept of this innovative product allows an ergonomic positioning of the pelvis and spine. Ideal for its preventive role of musculoskeletal disorders, this revolutionary seat also gave me great satisfaction on its sheathing action: tone of the thighs and trunk assured.

I highly recommend it for its simplicity of use with results obtained very quickly.

Sports doctor

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Customer reviews of our ergonomic seat

Matthieu ROSSET


At the ACTIVEBASE headquarters, I can work on my computer and strengthen my back muscles.

Having several problems including disc hernias, with the ACTIVEBASE seat I think less about my sitting positions because they regulate automatically and I can achieve my muscle strengthening in a sitting position.

Four-time European diving champion, 2017 Team Event World Champion

Philippe 53 years old


After a busy day of construction, I still spend 2 good hours in the office, all the accumulated fatigue is felt at that moment and I was aware that I was sometimes sluggish, the back round and the back pain was manifest at bedtime.

Since I discovered the ACTIVEBASE headquarters, I work in the office standing upright and all the pain of the day has disappeared. In the morning, I wake up and jump out of bed in top shape!

Heating electrician



The ACTIVEBASE seat is a daring bet, which acts positively on our body.

From the first few minutes, I felt the muscles and my spine relax.


I encourage sportsmen and non-sports to try it. ACTIVEBASE is the smart seat that everyone should have at home or in the office. It’s a wellness enhancer. to try it is to adopt it.

Philippe GARDENT


The ACTIVEBASE seat is a tool for pelvic mobility, a tool of posture as well as an effective solution in the context of deep muscle strengthening and stress. From the sedentary to the top athlete, everyone will find a benefit in the use of the ACTIVEBASE seat.

NFL Consultant for Bein Sport

Benjamin CAVET


Both in everyday life, to work in front of the computer, being on an unstable seat keeps alert and responsive.

For high-level sport the ACTIVEBASE seat strengthens all the small muscles to protect the back, you can imagine the importance for mogul skiing!

Vice World Mogul Ski Champion 2017

Jean Bruno PETIT


With the ACTIVEBASE seat, no more pain. My back is perfectly aligned and at the same time I strengthen the abdominal belt and lumbar muscles.

So I removed all forms of seating (chair, seat…) for the exclusive benefit of the ACTIVEBASE seat.


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ACTIVEBASE, a French innovation at the service of your back. 90 of the French suffer from lumbagos, back pain, cervicalgia and many others. With our ergonomic and proprioceptive design seat, you correct your posture and relieve your pain.


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