Libérez-vous de vos maux de dos grâce à notre tabouret ergonomique dynamique.





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We offer you all the parts that make up the ActiveBase.

Discover all the models offered of the ActiveBase ergonomic stool and the spare parts of the product. If you’re wondering where to buy an ActiveBase then you’ve come to the right place. Ideal for strengthening your muscles at work, our ergonomic stool will help you exercise your lower back at home. Multi-purpose, this ergonomic office chair allows you to correct your posture, improve your concentration and reduce back pain. Revolutionize your sitting posture with this ergonomic back chair. The ActiveBase ergonomic office stool is the ideal solution for your back pain. Beware of preconceived ideas in terms of fighting back pain. The ergonomic office ball is unfortunately not your friend. It is difficult to adjust and can cause pain instead of reducing it.

How does ActiveBase help you regain your mobility? As a real ergonomic chair, the ActiveBase has a direct effect on your back pain, but not only! The ActiveBase is also a very good ergonomic stool for easy mobile posture training, while you are working for example! Thanks to this anti-back pain chair, rediscover your lost mobility and all the possibilities your body allows you. Recommended by more than 1000 health professionals, this special back pain office chair fits perfectly into your workspace. Whether you work in a small space or want to bring it to your workplace, anything is possible with the ActiveBase. With its light weight and easy assembly, this dynamic stool will quickly become your best ally in the fight against RSI at work. If you are lacking in daily exercise, the ActiveBase can be transformed into a strength training stool thanks to its muscle strengthening action on the deep muscles.

Looking for an effective ergonomic seating solution for your office? From the ergonomic office ball to the sit-stand chair, have you already tested several office chairs without really finding the right one? You have wasted your time and your wallet. It’s time for you to discover the Active Base ergonomic office stool. Thanks to its mobile seat, rediscover the literal sitting posture. Between two work tasks, take a few minutes to stretch and do some stretching on this back pain stool. This kind of stretching helps to rest your back during a hard day’s work. Lightweight and easy to carry, this ergonomic back chair is the perfect tool for those who want to take it to the office as well as home on your telecommuting days. If you still have doubts about its effectiveness on your back and lumbar pain, don’t hesitate to try it. You have 14 days to return this back chair if it doesn’t suit you.