Guilbaut & Olivier

This is the story of two friends, Olivier, a passionate man about bio-mechanics, and Guilbaut, a professional skier who was crowned ski mogul champion in 2011.

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A wound as a starting point

Everything started in 2013, Guilbaut Colas, a professional freestyle skier, is recognized in his category, with a title of world champion. At this point, Guilbaut had only one goal: to win the Olympic title in 2014.

While he is qualified for the Sootchi Olympics, he has a bad fall. He has been suffering from severe back pain for years, caused by a rather traumatic sport. But now this is the last straw, his back is too sore to continue being used. There is only one way to get to the Olympics: into a rehabilitation centre.

Guilbaut will spend many weeks rehabilitating his back with doctors and physiotherapists. He is forced to wear a corset and do strengthening exercises on an ergonomic ball that does not suit him. Despite her efforts, the back pain is still present and prevents her from achieving her career goals.

A bold idea

Olivier, a friend of Guilbaut’s, visits him in the rehabilitation centre and quickly understands the situation. He was then struck by an idea: to develop a seating solution that would facilitate the rehabilitation of his friend Guilbaut. To help him recover more quickly, Olivier is busy in his garage creating a first prototype of ActiveBase.

From these hours of hard work comes a first test that will be directly tested in real conditions by Guilbaut. Conquered from the first use of the stool, it is a revelation. The adventure of the ActiveBase ergonomic stool had just begun!

More stability for more mobility

Guilbaut Colas has barely settled into Olivier’s prototype and is already feeling the beneficial effects on his pain. The doctors and physiotherapists at the rehabilitation centre were immediately attracted by Olivier’s idea! They see a real potential in the support of people suffering from back pain.

However, this prototype does not seem to be stable enough for use with the general public. Guilbaut and Olivier, therefore, start thinking about a solution, which would bring more stability to ActiveBase.

After several improvements of this first prototype and the filing of several patents, the ActiveBase is then presented at the Lépine Contest, of which it will be the winner in 2014! Agile, mobile and efficient, the ActiveBase is the perfect partner for those who want to combine comfortable seating and body shaping on their travel.