You are
a wellness coach ?

Are you a wellness coach? Are you interested in sports innovations?
Discover our ergonomic stool the ActiveBase.

Help your trainees unleash their full potential with our ActiveBasedynamic ergonomic stool. The results are there: regained mobility, optimised dynamism and active mobile sheathing.

Benefits of the
ActiveBase ergonomic stool :

✅ Strengthening of muscles

✅ Reduction of back pain

✅ Development of mobility

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A proprioceptive stool

Winner of the L├ępine competition, the ActiveBase ergonomic stool is a French patented technology recommended by many health professionals for its action on posturology.

In addition to strengthening the muscles, the ActiveBase dynamic stool also acts on the proprioception of each user via its mobile seat. Working on your ActiveBase can quickly become a great workout for improving your adjustment reflexes and developing your sense of balance.