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From 26 June to 23 July 2024

Your back also deserves holidays

Offer him ActiveBaseHe's going to love it!

on ergo-dynamic stools

for everyone, everywhere, all the time


Your back will love it!

Discover how ActiveBase transforms your sitting position into an activity that's good for your body.

Thanks to our patented design, stay dynamic even when you're sitting down!
ActiveBase: an ergonomic stool that rethinks active seating

Stay dynamic with ActiveBase

Our mission: Promoting active living for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Discover the stool ergo-dynamics ActiveBasethe companion that keeps you active even when you're sitting down!

This seat offers you a unique experience by stimulating deep muscles thanks to its different seat angles, which promotes active muscle sheathing of the abdominal girdle while re-establishing postural balance

You wish to take taking care of you?

You have fed up with back pain? 

You want to move moreBut don't have enough time? 

ActiveBase is for you. 

The benefits of active sitting

The ActiveBase ergonomic stool improves back posture

1. Improving posture

Active sitting helps prevent back pain and improves overall posture.
The ActiveBase ergonomic stool helps to strengthen muscles

2. Strengthening muscles

Involves the back, abdominal and leg muscles.
The ActiveBase ergonomic stool improves concentration and productivity

3. Concentration & productivity

Promotes concentration, mental engagement and productivity.
The ActiveBase ergonomic stool helps reduce pain

4. Reducing pain

Prevents musculoskeletal disorders and associated pain. 
The ActiveBase ergonomic stool helps promote good circulation and blood stimulation

5. Stimulation of blood circulation

 Improves blood circulation by changing position, reducing the risk of stiffness and discomfort.

Why choose Activebase?

3 IN 1 

Corrects posture, strengthens the body and improves mobility


You can choose between 4 seating positions


Compact and mobile, it will accompanies everywhere


Recommended and used by health professionals

Everywhere with you

At home

In front of the TV or computer, ActiveBase is there to take care of you.
An ActiveBase ergonomic chair is used in a domestic setting, in everyday life at home.


Do your body and mind good by exercising outdoors. 
Use of an outdoor ActiveBase ergonomic stool to strengthen muscles and back postures

At work

Improve your posture at work, in all situations.
A man uses the ActiveBase ergonomic stool during his professional activities at work, and his posture is good.
A woman sitting on the ActiveBase ergonomic seat is using her laptop, encouraging active sitting.

They have adopted the

Do as they do, take care of yourself